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About Luther & Unstoppable

Luther is embarking on his insurmountable rise to the top of music’s vast landscape. In an era where the music industry is being dominated by impeccable female artist’s Luther arrives to help revive the male vocalist and propel the male performer from obscurity. Luther blends pop melodies, and r&b rhythms and stylings perfectly with hip-hop’s culture and influence. It fuses to become something he coined as “pop/soul”. His music is heavily influenced by his upbringing in the church choir led by his mother.

Ever the consummate performer, Luther honed his skill for the arts performing in childhood groups while in high school and college. Once graduated, Luther knew it was time to head to the entertainment capital of the world and stake his claim on music’s biggest platform. Not to Luther’s surprise the journey was long and strenuous and took it’s toll on Luther in more ways than one. “The reason I named this album Unstoppable was because I always felt like I was being hindered by obstacles and trials. I knew if I wanted to succeed with this album and out here in L.A. I had to dig deep and believe in myself beyond any doubt.” July 8th, 2014 saw that long-awaited dream become a reality, and now he is destined to show people that he is Unstoppable, but also how they can too.

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